upon a time

Once upon a time there was a girl, who dreamed

I could tell you how it is important to be supported on your first steps to your dream, but I will not. Instead, I am going to show you who I became with the support of my husband Primo.

I was born in the small resort town  — Sukhumi, which is located on the Black Sea, and been raised in the beautiful European country Ukraine in the family with awesome mix of cultures.

I always was a dreamer and liked to imagine myself traveling around the world during travels to my grandparents. And even that my travels wasn't so far, I was enjoying watching the sea, sky and amazing clouds behind the planes window.

During the school years I discovered a programming for myself, and all my further studying became related to computers.

After moving from Ukraine to the US, several years ago, I started to learn web design with big support of my husband Primo. He believed in my success from first day and didn't let me to give up. This is why I dedicated this brand to our family: Sabatini Anna & Primo.

Web design became my new passion, my hobby and my job. I enjoy helping others share their ideas and stories with the world through personalized websites.

I can design websites, logos, business-cards, flyers. Almost everything that will reflect your company, blog or identity in the web. During the design process, I endeavor to learn more about the client. My goal is not only listen, but to hear your ideas and make them alive, to help you take a step closer to your dream. This help create design reflecting personality of its owner.

So if you are looking to make your site having a soul, take a step and contact me to request the free quote for your project.


Many years ago Lion became my Talisman.

I amazed by grace and plastic of this animals. Lions are beautiful, strong and proud of their family. They are close to mans spirit, because they know how to live and love. Lion always been a traditional symbol of authority and embodying the power of the sun and fire.

The Lion is a symbol of my courage and straight. Making it my talisman was a choice I would never regret.

For these reasons I adore the lion. How about you? :)

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